Ginkgo Pearls

I studied Wuzhuyu Tang, the formula that Gingko Pearls is based on, in my traditional Chinese herbal medicine formula’s class. After that, except for the occasional perusal, I essentially forgot about it and never prescribed it in my professional clinic practice – it seemed to complicated or esoteric. As I begin to reacquaint myself with it, I feel fortunate to have Heiner Friehauf’s Classical Pearls at my back!

Gingko Pearls became poignant for me when I learned about it’s ability to bring someone safely through morphine and other pharmaceutical drug’s addiction. I had recently had two separate conversations with family friends and something about the conversations, their voice, a feeling in my chest – something was beckoning my attention – calling my intuition to stand up.

Just Doin’ My Job Ma’am

Ginkgo Pearl’s job is to warm and revive the Liver and Stomach channels. The function of the jueyin channel (Liver) is to lift up what needs to go up, while that of yangming (Stomach) is to descend what needs to go down. In the pathological pattern of Wuzhuyu Tang, both the Liver and Stomach are Cold and “burned out,” often due to extreme life-style choices such as the long-term use of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

When patients begin the process of weaning (gradually decreasing) off the drugs, to avoid life-threatening, painful, or uncomfortable symptoms, they should begin taking Gingko Pearls.

When the Storm Hits

Inevitably, there will be some withdrawal symptoms to be dealt with. The following is a list of possible weather:

nausea, vomiting or diarrhea (these are the primary weather patterns that are forecasted)

• migraine headaches

• dizziness

• restlessness or anxiety

• irritability or mood disturbances

• runny nose, watery eyes and yawning

• increased pain

• chills and possible fever, goose bumps on the skin

• stomach cramps

• muscle cramping or aches and joint pain

• tremors or muscle twitching

• rapid heart rate

• blood pressure changes

• trouble sleeping

• thoughts of suicide

Gingko Pearls is designed to meet all of these concerns. But, the primary caregiver in this situation is you. When in doubt follow these guidelines:

• Drink more water or other liquids than usual.

• Eat regular nutritious meals.

• Use deep-breathing and stretching exercises.

• Exercise in moderation (for example, walking).

• Do something to relax (for example, practice relaxation techniques, listen to music or read).

• Use distraction (for example, humor or talking to someone with a positive outlook).

• Use positive self-talk. Tell yourself “I can do this” or “This is only temporary.”

• In the case of suicidal thoughts, talking with an appropriate counselor is recommended.

Gingko Pearls’ Officials

Gingko Pearls has a number of officials that are up to the task of leading you through the recovery process. The emperor of this formula is Wuzhuyu (Evodia). Acrid and bitter, Wuzhuyu is hot and slightly toxic. For this reason it’s recommended to not take this herb for much longer than six weeks.

Wuzhuyu is combined with Dazao, Shengjiang, and Dangshen for a synergistic effect of tonifying the middle jiao. These for herbs represent the original Wuzhuyu Tang.

The minister of this formula is Danshen which is combined with Sharen, giving us the formula Danshen Yin. It supports Wuzhuyu in stabilizing the area between the stomach and pericardium, warming the middle and smoothing the flow of Qi and Blood. This helps with the stomach pain, nausea, etc.

The assistants here, Guangzhong, Longdancao, and Dahuang balance the overall warming effect of the formula’s herbs and drain toxic heat from the marrow and brain.

The couriers serve to guide the formula’s herbs (Baihe, Yinxingye, Shichangpu, Dilong, and Zhenzhu Fen) to the brain and Stomach, open the Heart orifice, and calm the Shen.

Good work gentleman!



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