Healing Together

My Zen teacher always talked about together action; practicing mediation together, chanting, working, and eating in community. His analogy for it was that it was similar to cleaning potatoes. You put all the potatoes together in a pot, they rub against each other, and the friction removes the dirt. Your community and family is like a mirror where you can see your limitations – the limits of your actions and opinions.

Spirit Pearls

Spirit Pearls, a Taoist herbal formula, is similar to meditation and chanting – practices to clean your mind’s karma or trauma. So, taking Spirit Pearls as a family and experiencing the effects together is like swimming in the ocean and riding a big wave. Individually, we all have likes and dislikes, but when we act together we have to put down our individual karma or temperament and give ourselves over to the wave. Then we become stronger and clearer.

One of the reasons that we can’t fully heal our trauma is that there is a fair amount of pain hidden and wrapped up tightly around it. When we are acting alone it’s easy to say, “I’ve already dealt with this”. When there’s other potatoes though, spinning around in the pot, bumping into us, we have to learn to act together and help each other. Then it’s less about what we think – helping each other, acting together, becomes intuitive – a natural process.

Sprit Pearls has the traditional herbs that help with anxiety and sleep, but also a rarer herb that been used by the Taoist Fire Spirit School, Madengcao, which is used to reform neural synapses in the brain that have been damaged from trauma. Perhaps reform neural synapses sounds a little extreme, but there’s nothing to worry about as Spirit Pearls is a holistic medicine. This means that only neurons that need sorting out get touched. No neuron abuse is allowed!

Taking Your Medicine

In the 25 years I’ve studied and practiced Chinese medicine my introduction to the Fire Spirit School’s teachings have brought me to a waking up point. That point has continued to teach me and beckons the return of my attention for sharpening and to use it to help this world.

Taking your medicine is something that we begin physically. We open up the bottle of Pearls, put a few capsules in our mouth, take a sip of water and swallow. This allows all of the bio ingredients to be digested and distributed around our body’s system. The act of taking the medicine together gives the medicine power. Using that power to create harmony with others is the correct function for power in this world – call it Love.




Had a major hemorrhagic stroke October 1st, 2016, was completely paralyzed on my right side for the first 2 months, and now on my way to a full recovery!

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Bijou (harmonious steps)

Bijou (harmonious steps)

Had a major hemorrhagic stroke October 1st, 2016, was completely paralyzed on my right side for the first 2 months, and now on my way to a full recovery!

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