Sugar Pearls, the Earth Element, and Metabolic Congestion

From simple afternoon sugar cravings, reducing or quitting alcohol, to diabetes 2, Sugar Pearls is here to assist your Earth Element’s digestive process. The Earth Element is comprised of the Spleen and Stomach, the organs related to the sweet taste. The primary herbal remedy that treats them in Classical Chinese medicine is Fuzi Lizhong Wan which is at the root of Sugar Pearls.

Sugar Pearls uses American Ginseng (Xiyangshen) to treat the blood sugar compromised patient as they are often Yin deficient in the Lung and Stomach with a dry mouth and thirst. That is strengthened by the use of the formula Shengmaisan which includes Maimendong and Wuweizi to further strengthen American Gingseng’s Yin fortifying abilities.

Along with Yin deficiency, the diabetic patient also has blood stasis. Diabetes is a degenerative disease that manifests as neuropathy and other metabolic congestion symptoms in the body and extremities. Sugar Pearls uses Taohe Chengqi Tang for its detoxing, anti-degeneration, and blood moving power but takes out the purgative/ laxative effect by replacing Rhubarb with Polygonatum (Hu Zhang), which belongs to a similar family, but doesn’t have a laxative effect.

The Taoist practitioners that live in the countryside teach that diabetes patients have a certain kind of Heat or Liver toxicity in the Middle Burner that Polygonatum can clear, along with other herbs like Gardenia (Zhizi) and Cassia Seed (Juemingzi). There is almost like a little oven in diabetic patients where they are continually burning hot while being Cold and Deficient at the same time in their extremities. Aconite (Fuzi) and sand roasted Ginger (Paojiang) are very tonifying and warming in nature, and help address this issue.

Vietnamese Cinnamon Bark (Rougui) breaks the blockages in the pancreatic and duodenum region of the Middle Burner/ solar plexus, so the blood vessels aren’t compromised. Finally, the Chinese Nettle (Hongxianma) and Ganoderma (Lingzhi) have a synergy that stabalizes the blood sugar level and treats this very complex metabolic syndrome.

Diabetes 2 and alcoholism are very tough conditions to control by managing diet and exercise or abstinence and will power alone. Sugar Pearls is here to offer a helping hand!

Had a major hemorrhagic stroke October 1st, 2016, was completely paralyzed on my right side for the first 2 months, and now on my way to a full recovery!